Mushrooms on the Up

Mushrooms on the Up

Cultivated mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular. In the past seven years, the purchase volume of fresh mushrooms has increased by around a quarter, according to AMI. Last year alone, the production of domestic mushrooms in German companies increased by around 2000 t and grew from 62,000 to 64,000 t.

Around 8,000 t of this is professionally processed. But the lion’s share of 56,000 t ends up fresh in the consumers’ kitchens, who use the mushrooms to prepare salads, pasta dishes, sauces, soups, mushroom pans or who stew them to accompany meat and fish.

About the same amount of fresh mushrooms comes from neighboring countries such as Poland or the Netherlands. But more and more consumers are turning to local mushrooms. You follow the trend towards regionality and know.

The big winners in the increase in mushroom consumption are brown mushrooms, according to AMI. They have recorded a growth rate of 10.4 percent over the past seven years. Mushrooms as a whole showed a growth rate of 3.5 percent.

The increase in white mushrooms was correspondingly lower at just 2.7 percent. Why this is so can only be guessed at. The appetizing appearance of the soft brown mushrooms certainly plays a role. But the somewhat stronger aroma also makes buyers choose the brown specimens more often than the white ones.

The other types of cultivated mushrooms together account for only 1 percent of the mushroom market, although oyster mushrooms and shiitake are now available in almost every supermarket. As a rule, they are bought by connoisseurs who appreciate the firm bite and the veal-like taste of the oyster mushroom just as much as the forest aroma of the shiitake.

Many of the buyers are also aware of the health effects of these mushrooms. Frequent consumption of oyster mushrooms, for example, helps to lower cholesterol levels and promotes wound healing. Shiitake strengthens the immune system and is considered a “medicinal food” in Asia.

In addition to oyster mushrooms and shiitake, the king oyster mushroom is being offered more and more often, with its firm consistency and strong taste. Species such as the velvet crest (Piopino), which is native to Italy and is very popular there, and the velvet turkey (Enoki), which has long been valued in East Asia, are only on the rise and are therefore not available everywhere. Both are extremely aromatic, healthy and can also be eaten raw.